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College Test Preparation – How Not to Get a High SAT, ACT Or AP Test Score

Take a fun break from your studies and read our advice on how to get a low test score. Weather you study for the SAT, the ACT or for Advanced Placement Tests, these tips offer you the certainty of a very low score.

  • Do not sleep the night before the exam. Get together with your friends and party like it was 1999. Seek inspiration in Snoop Dog’s or Eminem’s lyrics.
  • Do not write clear answers to grid-in questions. Try to confuse the person correcting your paper by using words like “almost”, “about”, “not really equal to”, “in the ballpark”, “kind of”, “sort of”. If you believe the answer to a math question is between 0 and 10, write: “It’s like 5 or something, you know what I mean?”
  • Use “maybe” if the question asks you to select between “yes” or “no”.
  • If you have to write an essay, use “valley girl”, “surfer dude” or a combination of the two styles, according to your gender. As a rule, the word “like” should precede all adjectives and nouns. You get extra points if you write 2 instead of “too” and 4 instead of “for”.
  • Foreign words or idioms are highly praised by standardized tests institutions(e.g.:”Hasta la vista, baby!”, “No habla ingles, vato!”, “Pardon my French”).
  • If you want to show satisfaction at a certain point of your essay, you can always insert ‘LOL’ or draw a yellow happy face.
  • At least 10% of your essay phrases should start with the word “dude” followed by a comma and a short sentence.
  • If you are more comfortable using a specific urban slang, you can do that, provided that you keep certain inadequate words to a minimum.
  • While solving multiple choice questions, it is safe to select multiple answers.
  • If the test does not allow calculators, bring one anyways. Better safe than sorry. Keep it in a hidden place, do not brag about its advanced graphical interface.
  • Get ten minutes breaks every half an hour. They help you relax and you need them after last night’s party.

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