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The Afc Limping Into Playoffs in Sports

The Afc Limping Into Playoffs in Sports

On the eve of the NFL playoffs, it’s not just the Pathetic AFC West, but the entire AFC that is limping forward.

In the East, the Patriots possess the Conference’s best offense, best passing attack, best coach, and a defense that missed giving up the most yards per game of any NFL team by exactly 1/2 yard per game. The Pats ended up breezing to the East title when the Big Mouth Bag of Shit’s Jets proved to be pretenders. Their spunky little sex offender quarterback Mark Sanchez showed his talent for throwing just enough interceptions to lose the final wild-card spot to, get ready, CINCINNATI.

Speaking of Cincinnati, the North gave us both AFC Wild Cards, with Pittsburgh limping in with Big Ben hurting and Rashard Mendenhall has gone till sometime after the start of next season, with a torn ACL. Division champ Baltimore has no major injuries but many nagging aches, pains, sprains, and concussions, but their biggest worry is basing their success on the play of the erratic Joe Flacco.

In the South, injuries have destroyed a strong Texans team and entering the playoffs with no experience at QB, a questionable Andre Johnson, and without Mario Williams who has, of course, watched most of the season from IR, they still should beat the neophyte Bengals.

Then we have the Pathetic AFC West, where the over-the-hill Tim Tebow leads his Broncos into the playoffs. After three straight horrible performances, the Hound Dawg thinks Tebow’s career is over and done. His fourth-quarter magic helped out by a few of those 59-yard field goals, is now an artifact of history.

The Steelers should win this one without much problem

The cry-baby trojan has-been played a typical Carson Palmer game as the Raiders lost the West title on the final day, racking up all sorts of yards, but never making the big play when his team needed him to come through, and of course, throwing a key interception at just the right time – for the opponent.

And finally, as the Chargers begin the task of packing up their belongings and marching north to their new home (just what we needed), it’s official, Norv Turner will be joining the rest of the team in their new home. Just what LA sport’s needs, another owner STUPID and IDIOTIC enough to keep a Norv Turner as a coach?

The Chargers may be coming, but we still won’t have an NFL team; at least not a representative one.

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