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Tips for learning French online

Do you want to learn a second language but don’t have much time? Do you want to learn French without leaving your home? Learning French online from scratch is only possible, due to the pandemic the ways of learning have been renewed and now you can finally learn that language that comes so well to your resume without leaving your home.

Even if you do it for the pure pleasure of learning another language and it is not a necessity. The convenience of learning a language from 0 without leaving home and with total flexibility makes it an increasingly popular option for many students. The time has come to banish the myth that you cannot learn a language online.

Studying French from home does not mean being alone

Often the problem with learning online is that we think we have no peers to rely on, that we are alone. Today, online learning is very different. The tools that are available today make it possible to carry out a teaching model that is very similar to real life.

In the online French courses that are usually offered, of course, there is a geographical distance. But as in most online courses with the right teachers, the communication becomes fluid, constant, and successful in a very high percentage of the cases and where the students participate in each class. If you are in a good course the teachers will make the classes as dynamic as possible with many activities for the students.

Learn French online through its culture

French has a very particular phonetic structure. Even if you can’t understand it, everyone can recognize it. And even if you think you are familiar with the sound of French, you are not familiar with its phonetics if you have never paid enough attention to it.

To start familiarizing yourself with phonetics you can watch French series with subtitles, start listening to the great classics of French music or you can also reread the great works of French literature. All this will bring you a little closer to French.

As you try to get used to the sound in French, your brain naturally begins to distinguish the different sounds that make up the language. The same thing happens with written language: even if reading without understanding is initially frustrating, you will see that little by little your brain will begin to make associations and understand the language a little more.

It is therefore advisable that before starting your online French course you have already made some associations so that it doesn’t sound like Chinese and so you can start off on the right foot and avoid initial frustrations.

Don’t be afraid to participate in online classes

Another of the main problems that can be found in online courses is the lack of student participation, so we encourage you not to be afraid to interrupt in class, to ask questions, and to be curious. But in group online French courses no one knows you, so what does it matter what they think of you? Besides, behind a screen sometimes it is more difficult to participate so you must try to participate as much as possible. Not only because to learn French you have to speak French, but also because by taking an active part in the class exercises, the teachers will be able to know how you are doing in class. 

A major contributing factor to learning French online from scratch is self-confidence. This is not an empty motivational concept: believing that we can become fluent in a language is vital to actually become fluent in a language.

Despite the popular belief that only children can learn a new language fluently, scientific evidence suggests otherwise. Expert linguists and neuro-linguists claim that the ability to learn another language fluently does not cease in adulthood for any biological reason, but has more to do with environment and confidence.

Make the most of the course resources

Most online French courses provide students with numerous resources in French.  Activities, events, and they often have a library of audiovisual resources.

You can also subscribe to blogs and newsletters of some French sites that regularly publish cultural recommendations on literature, music, series, and movies, which can inspire you to start immersing yourself in the fascinating French-speaking culture.

Learning French online from scratch is not only possible, but nowadays it is becoming easier and easier, so what are you waiting for to sign up for an online French course?

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