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What are the Math Applications in the Real World?

We have been learning many subjects, such as Maths, Science, English, History, Geography, etc. since the phase of our education started.  It is essential to learn the basics of each subject and understand its importance in our day to day life. Among all the subjects, Maths plays a vital role, as it deals with all the calculations part of our life. With the use of mathematical concepts and principles, it has been easy to do simple computations from small to large scale.

Geometry is one of the basic concepts of Maths, where we have learned about the different types of shapes and figures present around us. There are various formulas such as area of parallelogram, area of square, perimeter of rectangle, volume of cube, etc. which has made possible to compute the parameters of real-life objects or regions. In the field of construction, geometry performs a crucial role.

Maths encourages kids to develop their brain sharper. There are multiple logical theories, which enhances the logical thinking of students. It helps to promote rational thinking and abilities. Hence, from our preschool to 10th standard, Maths has been taught as a mandatory subject. Later students can choose the subjects in high school, as per their interest.

Maths also performs an integral part in Technologies. The modern technology launched are all based on coding or programming. Computers use programming languages based on Maths logic to execute or run any task. The topic like number system, which comprises binary numbers such as 0 and 1, are used by computer machines for coding because the computer understands the language of bits and bytes only.

Mathematical concepts not only play a huge role in the business world but also at our home, we have been using it in different stages. For example, when we cook in the kitchen, then the ratio and proportion of ingredients are determined by the Maths logic. Also, to prepare a monthly budget or sum the ration bills, we use arithmetic operations, such as addition, multiplication, etc.

Apart from these, you will come across many forms of Maths applications in real-world.

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