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Branding Your Office: How To Create Branded Environments

While working from home is convenient, many companies are starting to place strict requirements on working from home. Others, such as Yahoo! have banned the practice completely, much to the dismay of employees. Although there was a lot of shock when the Yahoo! CEO started requiring her employees to come into the office, she’s stayed firm in her decision.

If you’re a CEO or an office manager, you need an office that encourages productivity, but also creates a sense of teamwork, loyalty and keeps employees engaged and productive throughout the day. Branded environments can do just this. If you’re not sure how to create one of these branded environments, here are a few things to consider.

Creating Branded Environments Through Decorating

Your office’s interior design is one of the easiest ways to created branded environments. However, this doesn’t mean that if your company’s logo is red that every piece of furniture, chair and artwork should be in shades of red. Instead, consider your business’s products and culture. If you’re a sophisticated law firm, you want furniture and artwork with a touch of class. However, if your business sells country-inspired home decor, your office can be full of more whimsical touches.

Using Your Company’s Logo And Mission Statement

Using your company’s logo and mission statement in the interior design is another excellent way to create brand awareness and it’s quite simple to implement. If you have a reception desk, have a three-dimensional logo created and hang it directly behind the desk so that it greets everyone who walks in. Additionally, if you have a mission statement, you should have it professionally printed and displayed in another prominent location to remind your workers about your company’s values.

There are other, less obvious ways to create branded environments also. Provide your employees with notepads that have your company’s logo imprinted on them for note taking or to use as scratch paper. Also, stock the cabinets in the break room with imprinted coffee mugs and water glasses. While these things may seem like minor details, they can help your staff feel connected to each other.

Consider Non-Visual Aspects Of Your Brand

Other things to consider are the non-visual aspects of your brand. Is your business focused on health and wellness? Or does your company allow employees to bring pets to work? Consider what makes your business different and use it to enhance your brand. If you’re the health conscious organization, consider paying for a gym membership for your employees and their families or allow them access to a company-sponsored fitness center. If you’re a pet friendly business, consider keeping a treat bar fully stocked with dog biscuits or providing water stations throughout the space.

There’s much more to creating brand environments than including your color palette, mission statement and logo in your interior design. Instead, take a critical look at the image you want to portray and your company’s culture. This will help you create a space that your employees will be excited to come to each day.

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