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Choosing Promotional Merchandise for Corporate Environments

Getting the choice of promotional merchandise right is of key importance when it comes to making an impact with your brand, as the wrong product can lead to it staying unused and forgotten, which is ultimately a waste of any marketing budget.

As any promotional merchandising expert will tell you, therefore, there are certain types of items that are particularly appropriate for different industries. As there is a huge selection of thousands upon thousands of customisable and brandable products on the market today, narrowing down your choice by taking this advice is not a bad idea!

Some of the best items for corporate environments are those that fall into the categories of practicality and prestige, as these kinds of products are the ones that are most likely to be kept around and used. They will also give off a reliable and sophisticated image of your brand, which may be what you are aiming for.

Promotional USB drives are one example of a product that is extremely practical and is almost guaranteed to be used time and time again. Although any one person working in an office can have many different USB products already, spare promotional USB drives are still extremely valuable and will never be thrown away – just in case!

Similarly to promotional USB drives, USB hubs, chargers and powerbanks are all other examples of technological tools that every business person not only needs, but relies on. If the recipients of your products work in a corporate environment, you can not go far wrong by choosing one of these items.

Other products that work particularly well in corporate environments are premium pens, as despite the fact that much of our writing is done via a keyboard these days, many people not only like to have a pen on hand, but also enjoy the feel of using a top quality item like this. Make sure that you avoid the less expensive plastic pens, which can be seen as cheap and tacky.

Other office stationery items that do well as promotional products in a corporate environment are conference folders, diaries and business card holders. All of these items are practical yet can be sophisticated, which are the two qualities that are often appreciated in this type of working environment.

A more unusual yet much enjoyed promotional product is the customised leather wallet, which any recipient is bound to keep around and use. Ideal for both personal and business use, a quality product like this is sure to impress.

In addition to a leather wallet, why not consider branding leather luggage tags for frequent business travellers, purchase leather travel portfolios for their important documents, or even choose travel card holders for ID cards, driving licences and more?

A final choice that is a great idea for a promotional gift for those higher up in the hierarchy in a corporate environment is customised golf equipment such as golf balls and golf umbrellas. Again, these items are the perfect blend of practicality and sophistication, which is what you should be aiming for.

Any businessman who plays golf with his associates will be glad to have some of these items on hand, with umbrellas being particularly appreciated when it comes to our temperamental British weather!

These are just a few ideas of top promotional gifts for corporate environments. From practical promotional USB drives to stylish wallets, make sure that your gift of choice is both useful and high quality.

In the case of smaller items such as promotional USB drives and golf balls, make sure that there is sufficient space for your branding too – if your corporate design is too large, consider selecting an items that has more space for your promotional message.

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